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Tłumaczenia techniczne i umów - Biuro tłumaczeń Absolutum

Translation Agency ABSOLUTUM

We specialize in translating technical, legal, financial and medical texts, European documents and web pages as well as business presentations. We translate for institutions, offices, laywer’s offices, corporations and SMEs. We emphasize the highest quality of performed services, punctuality and reliability. We are constantly investing in the workshop of our translators and developing the range of offered services.


Information Security

We care for the information security and data of our customers. We created the system that ensures the data security and information from theft, information leakage, unauthorized access, and protection of data in case of a failure.


Our team performs translations of hundreds of text pages monthly. The diversity of orders allowed for the acquisition of abilities and specialized knowledge which is indispensable for the proper translation and the quality improvement.

Punctuality of performed services

We approach each translation order in an individual way, respecting the fixed deadline and staking on the reliability of the translation. The use of professional computer software supporting the translation process allows us to translate more efficiently and preserve the integrity of the text, especially while translating lengthy and complex texts.


We discover all aspects of a text - the level of difficulty, specificity, the use of specialized terminology, the purpose of a text as well as customer requirements and in accordance with good practice we accomplish translations. If necessary, we provide the proofreading performed by a native speaker.


Evaluate online

We provide online texts valuation. Please, send by e-mail the text to be translated, together with a description (language, deadline and requirements) and we shall send you a comprehensive offer.

We invite you to cooperation with us